Sunday, October 28, 2018

Let's Go to the Farmers' Market!

This month we went on a field trip to pick pumpkins 

to feed some chickens, 

to do a little harvesting,

to make delicious pumpkin and apple and blueberry pies, 

and to buy and sell all sorts of yummy stuff.  

And the best part was that we didn't even have to get in the car because we went to the Saint Andrews Farmers' Market, conveniently located in the Storytime Room!

We started with a few terrific stories and songs.

We tried to guess what was in the the Mystery Basket.  Most were pretty easy, but what is that funny shaped veggie?  Oh, it's Sophie's Squash!  A yummy fall vegetable and a great book to read!

We make pretty good farmers, and who knew it would be so much fun to rake leaves...

or take selfies with chickens?

Saturday, March 17, 2018

This Week in Chapel - A Visit from Noodleman

Meet Noodleman, our special guest visitor in chapel this week.  He's smiling now, but he wasn't always so happy.  There was a time when he was very sad, and that's the story he came to tell us.

One day, when Noodleman was new in town, he was walking home from school.  Some bigger kids did something very mean.  They took his backpack and called him names like “Noodlehead” and “Googly Eyes.”

They pushed him down and one of them stepped on his arm and broke it!  Then they left him there.  

Poor Noodleman!

Soon a business person came by.  She was going to a very important meeting.  She saw Noodleman lying on the ground and looked at Noodleman’s purple hair.  “Look at that kid,” she thought. “What’s HE doing here?” 

The business person assumed that Noodleman was dangerous because he was different.  She crossed the street and went on to her meeting.  Then she said, “I'm going to have to tell the neighborhood patrol to watch out for that purple kid.”

A little later on, some parents drove by.  They were going to the school to pick up their children at carpool.  They saw Noodleman and slowed down, but didn’t recognize him.  

One was in a big hurry and had lots of other kids to pick up.  Another was too busy thinking about all the errands he had to do after carpool and didn't want to stop.  "I don’t have time for this today, " he said.  "Maybe someone else will help that purple kid.”  They drove on by.

No one wants to help Noodleman!

But then a little girl came walking by on her way home from school.  She saw Noodleman and immediately went over to him.  “Oh!  Let me help you,” she said.  “My mom is a nurse and she can take care of your boo-boos.”  

The little girl helped Noodleman to her house.  Her mom put Bactine on Noodleman’s skinned knee and then put a band aid on the cut.  

They took him to the doctor who put a sling around Noodleman’s broken arm and wrapped a big bandage around his head.

Now you know why Noodleman is smiling, even with all of his injuries!

There is a story in the Bible that is a lot like Noodleman’s story. It’s called the Parable of the Good Samaritan.  It’s a story that Jesus told to teach people how to treat each other.  And here’s what he said:  “Love your neighbor as you love yourself.”  In other words, treat others the way you would want them to treat you.

One of the people that Jesus was teaching asked him, “Who is my neighbor?”

Well, let’s think.  Who were Noodleman’s neighbors?  The business person?  The carpool parents?  The little girl?

They are all Noodleman’s neighbors, but the little girl was the one who did what Jesus wanted.  She treated Noodleman with kindness and took care of him.  She was a good neighbor.

Does that mean that the business person and carpool parents were bad people?  

No, they just forgot what Jesus said about being good neighbors.  They were thinking of themselves so much that they forgot what the Bible says about taking care of others.

Jesus wants us to treat everyone as a neighbor – kids who live on our street, classmates at school, people who live here in Raleigh, NC and even people who live in other parts of the world.  Whether they look just like us, or look very different, everyone is our neighbor and we should treat them they way we would like to be treated.

Special thanks to the Transitional K class for their help in re-enacting Noodleman's story!

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Shh! It's a Secret!

Time to see what the kids were up to!  During the week after Thanksgiving, each class visited our "Secret Store" to shop for gifts for their moms and dads.  With the help of their teachers, the kids selected and wrapped gifts, and, best of all, wrote notes that said why they selected each item.  We hope that the parents had as much fun unwrapping these gifts as the kids did selecting them!

And just look at what we were able to donate to the food bank... 246 non-perishable food items!

Christmas JOY!

Far way in Bethlehem
Many years ago
Was born a special baby
That you all surely know.

Angels waited for his birth
While shepherds watched their sheep.
Wise men searched the sky for a sign
While Bethlehem was asleep.

The baby's mom was Mary
Joseph was his pop.
They had to make a long, long trip.
In Bethlehem they stopped.

They looked for a room, but there
Was no place for them to stay.
So Mary and Joseph spent the night
In a stable filled with hay.

Angels waited for his birth
While shepherds watched their sheep.
Wise men searched the sky for a sign
While Bethlehem was asleep.

The stable wasn't fancy
But it was warm and dry.
As Mary and Joseph settled in
Stars twinkled in the sky.

The cattle and the horses
Softly lowed and neighed.
While doves and an owl perched high above
Mice rustled in the hay.


That night the special babe was born
And angels began to sing
"Hosanna in the highest!
Glad tidings do we bring!"


To shepherds and sheep in the fields below
The angels sang with joy
"Hurry on to Bethlehem
To meet God's baby boy!"

Angels sang a birthday song
To shepherds and their sheep.
Wise men searched the sky for a sign
While Bethlehem was asleep.

The shepherds woke up all their sheep
And did what the angel said.
They were the first to meet the babe
And see where he laid his head.

Suddenly, high in the sky
A beautiful star shone bright.
In a land far, far away
Wise men saw it's light.

The wise men knew that something good
Had happened on that day.
For many nights they traveled.
The star showed them the way.

When they got to Bethlehem
And saw the little babe
The wise men gave him wonderful gifts
And on their knees they prayed.


This little babe, God's only son,
Was sent from heaven above.
A gift for people everywhere
Filled with all God's love.

Angels sang a birthday song
To shepherds and their sheep
Wise men followed yonder star
While Bethlehem was asleep.